Lives Innocently Taken, History Destroyed For Cambodia

What do you think when you think when you see this image? 


Why are those bodies lying there? Why isn’t someone helping them? Where is that child’s parents? Is someone going to save him? What killed the bodies behind him? Why is he there, experiencing this? 

The answer lies within one of the most horrific genocides of the 20th centry. The Forced capture of innocent civilians in Phnom Penh, Cambodia 1975 . 
 Pol Pot, leader of the Khmer Rouge enlisted a child army. He took innocent, vulnerable, desperate children. Out of the safety their homes and brainwashed them to believe anyone not of working class, anyone of education, wealth or status; was the enemy. 

The army took the lives of up to 2 million innocent lives; nearly a quarter of the country from 1975-1979. A child army; can you think of any thing worse? Nonetheless, Pol Pot’s dream was to create a new Cambodia. Little did he know, he would be responsible for one of the worlds most impoverished nations. Because of their history; are forced to live in destitution and fear to this day, that an army may arise again and take Over their humble nation. 

But these people; although they may have lost their history. Their ancestory. Their wealth. They are some of the most humble, happiest people I head the pleasure of meeting in my life. They do not let their  past define them. And although, some still live in fear that Pol Pol is stil alive, living in the jungle. (His death was resported in 1999) they still live simple lives, full of hope with the little they have. 

This could be a useful lesson to our Westernised, Consumer driven society. Are you really happy with more? When others are happier, with far far less.


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