Rio Pool Green With Envy

The Olympic Games diving pool has took to a noticable colour change, overnight. With notions of alge growth or a prank of colour dye, changing the pool’s water to a bright green colour, forcing the diving competition to be suspended. Although the athletes were affirmed that there was no health scare, after a water test. There is still  no underlying cause to this sudden colour change.

The mysterious change, can be showcased below in the image posted to media by Matt Dunham:


It was said of the executive director of swimming, that the problem may have actually been caused by a faulty filter or problems with water quality. Mr Cornel Marculescu went on to say: ”No danger for divers, just not a good image for Olympic Broadcasting Services.”

Most divers have said the colour change was no issue, even though the pool’s water was perfectly blue during the men’s 10 metre platform event on Monday. British diver Tonia Couch, exclaimed that the pool’s water was so green, she couldn’t see her partner Lois Toulson underwater, The Times said on Twitter.

Even in the Olympic Games, conditions can eventuate that are out of one’s contol. But trained professionals, will put all distratctions assie in their persuit for Olympic Gold.

This was showcased, as the dramatic water change did not hinder the gold medallist of the men’s 10 mentre event. China’s Liu stated, on his win with diving partner Chen Ruolin, “When we were practising to get used to this venue (the water) was always sky blue … But we’re always mentally prepared for unexpected situations.”



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