Rio Hurdle for Harrison

No Olympics for USA’s newest World record holder.

Due to a stringent qualifying period, the 100m Hurdles new World Record holder won’t get the opportunity to represent her country at the Olympic Games, in Rio; two weeks time.
Kendra Harrison, of USA broke the women’s 100m Hurdles world record over the weekend with a time of 12.20 seconds, she was a clear winner at the IAAF Diamond League.

Racing out of lane 6, Harrison had an aggressive start to the race; making her stance that she meant business by hurdle 5 with almost a second lead on her field.

Surprising herself, but living up to her goal of ‘if I can’t race at the Olympics, I’m going to break the world record.’ A statement she made, following her disappointing result at the USA Olympic trials, where not only did she fail to make a qualifying time for the Rio Olympics, she finished 5th in the field.

Two weeks later and a fresh mindset, left Harrison as world record holder; with the pending question if Team USA will diminish their strict Olympic qualifying rules to allow Harrison to race at the games, along side three possible other USA Team mates who qualified during the expected time period.


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